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About Steven

Steven photographing from Cascade Mountain in the AdirondacksThank you for taking a few minutes to visit my web site. I offer my site as a way for you to become familiar with me, my photography, my adventures, and a periodic dose of content that I either found interesting, needed to express, or thought might help someone else out along their journey.

The photography that results from my travels appears throughout this site. By following my guts, and with occasional glances at the GPS, I try to find places and views that are on the roads less traveled. With my photography, I try to show off this amazing Country in new ways. I hope that my work creates an excitement and interest in places that might normally be overlooked.

It can be a complicated task to make a living taking photographs. I hope that some of my work will connect with you in some way and that you will consider purchasing some of my prints and other products.

My photography skills are also available for hire. If your community, organization, or business has needs for travel, tourism, economic development, publicity, event, architectural, or other types of photography, please contact me to discuss those services. I can guarantee that I will put you in the best light!

Whatever your reason for visiting my site, thank you! I hope that you enjoy my work and that it connects with you in some way.